Sesame Street on Google!

I just have to post this, the Sesame Street gang on google!
Does this also mean it’s their last day on google? 😦



Starbucks from green to red!

It’s christmas in Starbucks!

Their special holiday beverages are back! This year they got Peppermint Mocha, Dark Cherry Mocha and Toffee Nut Latte.
Holiday cakes and pastries are also available from ginger breads, mint brownies, creme brulee cake and I’m eyeing the chocolate crepe cake. Hmmm sounds heavenly.

Also, their much awaited Starbuck 2010 planner are here. And you have 3 different designs to choose from.
Got to complete the stickers for the Starbucks 2010 planner!

9 holiday concoction and 8 regular beverages, of course except bottled drinks and juices.
Hurry! Promo is from Nov. 4, 2009 to January 6, 2010 only!


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Up and running!

Ho! ho! ho!
It’s November and it’s getting colder and colder and colder and colder and colder…..

Anyhoo, the individual pages are updated, except for those who doesn’t have anything on the wishlist.
Photos for the wishlist coming soon!

Magpost naman kayo dito! Alam nyo naman ang username and password dito diba?
Ano na nga ba ulit yun? hehehehe

Anyway, I’m accessing this kasi through my own wordpress account. hehehe!

Merry Christmas! Happy Thanks Giving on the 27th of November!

Renovating for the holidays

In just a couple of months, the holidays would be here.
That’s why we’re changing the theme of our group blog. From healty diets to our Bolinao vacation and now the coming holiday season.

So we’re planning on where to spend our team christmas party/dinner/adventure/food trip at marami pang slash!

Anyhoo, we’ve started our monito-monita/kris kringle/exchange gift, ang daming slash.
The first one’s kinda overdue. Naka-SL kasi si Karla for 2 weeks, so we moved the first exchange gift-giving this friday.
For the excitement of it, instead of writing down our names for the draw, we’ve replaced it with..”if you’re a breakfast item, what would you be?”
And this weeks theme is “something GREEN.”
It’s up to you how you would define “GREEN”. hehehe

Got to look for something later.


This is loooong overdue!
Our Bolinao trip was last May 1-3. So sorry for the super delayed post.

Anyhoo, we spend the nights at Bing’s Resort and spend the rest of the second day at Treasures of Bolinao.
There are a couple of things that we’ve learned in this trip.
1. If you feel like you won’t have enough time to prepare food, might as well buy your food in the resort rather than preparing it yourself. Remember, it’s a vacation not an occassion.
2. Plan ahead, like 1-2months ahead of your target date. Make sure reservations are really reserved. Research for your prefered hotel/resort where you’d stay. It’s a must to call them to know they’re facilities and amenities, especially places to eat.
3. Always do a rain check. Even if it’s summer!

Welcome to Bolinao!
This is the cottage we stayed in Treasure of Bolinao, we requested for a sea view and we got it.
More cottages!
the beach line, we’re told that this is already the China Sea!
Treasures of Bolinao bridges, under the bridge you’ll find…
these. So better not fall.
They also have pools if you’re scared of the strong currents and just want to chill.
Trying to catch the waves while waiting for the sun to set.
The sun is setting..almost.
One of the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen. Just one word to describe it, “breathtaking”.

1 day to go before BOLINAO!

Bolinao! Here we come!

I am SO excited! Tomorrow is the day that we all have been waiting for!

Wait for us Bolinao! Malapit na malapit na talaga kami! Yehey!


Bolinao Checklist

We’ve researched yesterday on what are the important things to bring when going to the beach for the weekend. Here’s what we’ve found. Maybe this could help you on packing your things before we head to Bolinao.

Also, if we miss out anything, feel free to post it in the comments, tengkyu!

Must have to protect you from the sun:
– Sunblock/sunscreen lotion
– Sunglasses
– Hat/Caps
– Lip balm
– Beach Wrap/Sarong
– Refillable water bottle, against dehydration

beach must have

Here’s the list of the clothes and other stuff that you may or would want to bring:
– Swimwear
– Beach Towel or just simply towel
– 3 Shirts, could be tees or sleeveless
– 3 sets of undies
– pair of shorts/skort/pedals
– soft pants/square pants, the beach could be really cold at night
– pair of flipflops/flats/sandals

– soap & shampoo
– toothbrush & toothpaste
– body lotion
– deodorant
– moisturizer
– hairbrush
– razor

Extra Stuff
– Medicines! for headaches and others
– Camera
– Charger for batteries of camera & cellphones
– Zip lock for valuables
– Plastic for wet clothes!

Here are also a couple of tips and warnings

1. Leave valuables at home. Sun and sand can wreak havoc on expensive jewelry, clothes and electronics.

2. Always protect yourself from the sun. If you feel too much heat look for shade.

3. If you begin to blister or feel faint, go inside immediately, inform others and seek medical attention.

Yun lang!

Bo-li-nao here we come!